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Fly Down the Road With Peterbilt 579 Mirrors

What do Formula One racing, tree branches and aircraft wings have in common with your Peterbilt truck? More than you might think.

They all helped inspire a mirror that gives you optimal aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, durability and a design that reflects the unique look of your Peterbilt truck.

I recently spoke with one of Peterbilt’s industrial designers about the new 579 side-view mirrors. He talked about the design process behind developing a product that really captures the emotions of a driver. After all, these aren’t just truck mirrors, they’re Peterbilt truck mirrors.

When you have a truck that’s so distinct and unique it can be recognized from half a mile away, you need a mirror that lives up to the brand. So the real design challenge with the new 579 mirrors was to create something sexy and unique compared to other products on the market.

The design team at Peterbilt set out to develop a mirror that didn’t just exceed expectations when it came to functionality, but worked in harmony with the rest of the vehicle. They looked at the latest trends in everything from the automotive industry to Mother Nature herself—Ferrari, Formula One racing, tree branches, wings—to design a mirror that’s both fluid and modern.

The finished product is the perfect balance of form and function. It’s a California-style mirror: industrial, but very light and attractive. Built like old bridge construction, its arms are cast in metal for superior strength and durability. The unique dual-wing design allows air to flow through, over and under it for optimal aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. In fact, if you cut the arm in half, it looks like an aircraft wing.

And that’s ultimately the sense you get with the Peterbilt 579 mirrors—you’re flying down the road.

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