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February 2018 Uptime Tips

 5 Reasons to choose a Peterbilt Dealer for your service needs


Peterbilt network of dealerships can provide you with the support you need from coast to coast. From quick service repairs to preventative maintenance or roadside assistance, we have the experience and know how to keep your Peterbilt truck or any vehicle in your fleet running right.

With Peterbilt, you can also work smarter by using Connect* to handle your fleet maintenance and inventory management needs.


1. Advanced diagnostic equipment to assess and repair problems fast

The most modern heavy duty engines and systems are highly sophisticated, and specialized equipment is needed to work on them properly. Your local Peterbilt dealership is equipped with these specialized tools and the latest diagnostic systems to ensure that necessary repairs are performed correctly and downtimes minimized.


2. Trained technicians who know your vehicle and application

Our certified technicians are trained to use the latest diagnostic systems and are updated when new technology is introduced or common issues emerge. This means that you can expect to receive fast, efficient and expert service no matter where you are or what you drive.


3. A full stock of truck, trailer, bus and accessories, including aftermarket truck parts

Peterbilt dealerships have thousands of truck, trailer and bus parts in stock, which means that you can expect fast turnaround times.

Peterbilt service facilities also stock a wide range of aftermarket products that can improve the performance, durability or comfort of your truck.


4. Peace of mind

Peterbilt has a nationwide network of dealers, which means that you can travel coast to coast confident in the knowledge that superior service is with you every mile. Peterbilt also offers roadside assistance to support you along your way and the convenience of Connect* that allows you to manage your fleet maintenance and parts inventory.


5. The Peterbilt warranty

Repairs performed by authorized Peterbilt facilities are covered by a comprehensive warranty that is honored by a network of authorized dealers. This means that you can expect prompt and expert assistance anywhere in the country should you need it.


*Connect is a fleet maintenance, parts inventory and repair shop management software system developed by experts to help truck and equipment fleets and repair shops work smarter. Connect is the simple solution for your maintenance and inventory management. With Connect on your side managing preventive maintenance is easier, costs less and requires less time. To learn more access:

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