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Launching New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

PACCAR Parts introduced new electric vehicle charging stations to support the global launch of electric vehicles (EVs). The chargers are designed to be compatible with Peterbilt electric trucks and work for other commercial electric vehicles.Customer...

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Maintaining the Integrity of Your Exhaust Aftertreatment System is Crucial

Exhaust Aftertreatment Changes EverythingIt was not too long ago when the only significant factor to consider in an exhaust system on a commercial vehicle was whether it could leak carbon monoxide and other unhealthy gases into the cab. That’s ...

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Peterbilt Parts and Service wants to say thank you and show our appreciation to the 3.5 million professional men and women who drive trucks in the United States.National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an important time for Americans to a...

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International Roadcheck

BRAKES • Inspect for missing, broken, loose, contaminated, or cracked parts on the brake system and check all required brake system warning devices. COUPLING DEVICES • Check for unsecured mounting of the lower fifth wheel to ...

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TRP® Windshield Glass

Quality Replacement Glass for All Makes of TrucksWindshield glass is crucial for drivers behind the wheel. Excellent driver visibility is important for increased safety and reduced driver fatigue. With TRP’s high-quality replacement windshields...

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We Are Here For You Now and in the Future.

Drivers are the backbone of our country and keep us moving forward. As customers rely on you to deliver, Peterbilt Parts and Service dealers can make sure your truck is in ready condition when it hits the road.Peterbilt Parts and Service dealers acro...

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TRP® Extended Life Coolant

Proven Cooling System Protection for your TruckThe Best Chemistry Now Runs FartherFleet and truck owners demand maximum uptime performance to meet their customer’s critical shipping needs. Through continuous field testing in PACCAR’s MX e...

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5 AC Tips to Stay Cool this Summer

To some, air conditioning is just a luxury. To the driver safety system within a heavy-duty truck, however, the air conditioning system is vital. When the summer sun beats down on the metal and glass of an uncooled cab, the temperature inside can qui...

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This winter, keep your engine running like new during the cold months by visiting your local Peterbilt dealer to have your medium- or heavy-duty truck serviced. Keeping up with routine maintenance at the dealership increases your bottom line by lower...

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TRP® Oil Coalescing Cartridges

A critical Part of the Truck’s Air SystemThe oil coalescing cartridge is a critical part of the truck’s air system. It is installed between the air compressor and the “wet tank” on commercial trucks and buses. The oil coalesci...

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TRP A/C Compressors Withstands the Most Demanding Applications

TRP Super Heavy Duty A/C Compressors TRP Super Heavy Duty A/C Compressors feature more than twice the clutch life of industry heavy-duty compressors and are rated at 2,000,000 cycles. Offered at a great value and quality at a competitive price, the A...

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TRP® Chemicals

The TRP® Chemicals program is an example of the company’s desire to bring high-quality products to every customer. There are numerous products available to fit a variety of needs from cleaners and disinfectants, to lubricants and hand sanit...

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Know Your Torque Rods: Inspection and Replacement

TRP® All-Makes Torque Rods are manufactured in the USA and are designed to prevent bushing walk-out and for an extended life. TRP® Torque Rod Assemblies have rubber bushings to maximize vibration absorption and extend the life of your su...

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Uptime Tips - Emissions Check-in your truck

Environmental Action Can Make Good Business Sense for Fleet Operators Commercial fleet operators have several reasons to be concerned about emissions. Some U.S. states and Canadian provinces have strict standards and require annual emissions tes...

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TRP® U-Bolt Kits

For Commercial Truck, Bus, and Trailer MarketsWhy Choose TRP® U-BoltsAt first glance, U-bolts might look similar. If the diameter, threads, and shape match, you might think that they are the same. That’s simply not true. Knowing a little ab...

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TRP® Presents Tips to Maintain Your Battery Year-Round

TRP® recognizes that your battery powers your business. Follow this checklist to extend the life of your battery.Proper battery maintenance during the hot summer months is just as important as it is during the frigid winter months....

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February 2018 Uptime Tips

 5 Reasons to choose a Peterbilt Dealer for your service needs Peterbilt network of dealerships can provide you with the support you need from coast to coast. From quick service repairs to preventative maintenance or roadside assistance, we...

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Put Brake Safety on the Top of Your List

Brake safety must be the top priority for all drivers this time of the year. A well-maintained brake system will reduce stopping distance and contribute to a safer driving experience this winter season. Regular brake system inspections and maintenanc...

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PACCAR Genuine Tips to Keep Your Battery in Top Condition

PACCAR Genuine knows that a dependable battery is key to your success. Follow this checklist to help extend your battery’s life.Proper battery maintenance during the hot summer months is just as important as it is during the frigid winter month...

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Remanufactured brakes for heavy-duty trucks and trailers can be a sensitive subject. Trust the TRP Reman Brake Program’s remanufacturing process to provide a high-quality brake lining at a competitive cost. TRP reman brake products exceed Feder...

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