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Control the Road Ahead With TRP® Tie Rod Ends

Tie rod ends and drag links are the major pivot points of a steering system, and are regularly subject to great pressure and scrutiny during roadside inspections. If these parts become loose or worn, you might notice erratic steering and uneven tire wear.Inspectors primarily examine tie rod ends when checking for steering linkage wear. Therefore, it is critical not only for CSA compliance but for ...

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Meet the Demands of Your Business With Bezares PTO

Choosing a power take-off (PTO) should be easy, and knowing how they work will help you find the best option for your application.PTOs may seem complicated, but they’re fairly simple once you understand their design and function. A PTO is a gearbox that’s driven by gear engagement or a shaft hook-up. It mounts to the truck transmission and draws energy from the engine in order to power...

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Get the Most Out of Your Fan Clutch With Horton’s DM Advantage®

Every part in your truck should work to increase your bottom line and make your job easier. Your fan clutch is no exception. Using a fan clutch with fewer engagements will not only help you avoid premature wear, it will increase your fuel economy and improve your engine performance.A fan clutch is just like any other mechanical part: the more it's used, the shorter its life span. In order to help ...

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Reinforce Your Truck with Comfort and Control by Investing in PACCAR OE Shocks

When drivers complain about a rough ride, abnormal driveline angles or vibration, or lower ride height, you may immediately think of air springs or the ride height valve and linkage. But you should also consider symptoms like these a sign that the shocks may need to be replaced. If a visual inspection finds dents or other damage from road debris, deformed bushings, loose fasteners and leaking hydr...

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TRP: 20 Years of Quality and Value

Since 1994, TRP parts has been providing quality and value replacement parts for all makes of trucks, buses, and engines. In 2014, TRP celebrated 20 years of providing line of parts to fleets and operators across North America and around the world is a major milestone.“For 20 years and counting, PACCAR Parts has developed the TRP line of quality all-makes replacement parts to exceed customer...

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Choosing the Right Air Dryer Cartridge to Protect Your Brakes

Maintaining a clear and dry air supply is vital for the superior, year-round performance of any air brake system. That’s where your air dryer cartridge comes in. Choosing a high-quality air dryer cartridge will help protect your truck and lower the risk for air and braking system failure.How it WorksTrucks with air brakes have an air compressor on the engine. The compressor keeps the air tan...

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The Right Drum for the Right Application

Drum brakes operate on a simple principle: brake shoes press against the sides of hollow drums, creating friction and slowing the vehicle. Significant research and refinement is involved in the development of a line of drums that addresses ever-shorter stopping distance requirements, heavier duty cycles, and brake fade in such a wide variety of conditions and applications. For example, identical v...

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For Flexibility and Durability, Think TRP Exhaust Bellows

New this year, the TRP Exhaust Bellows program is available for all popular heavy-duty truck and school bus applications. TRP exhaust bellows are made out of a high-grade stainless steel, and have a four-layer construction: a double-layer fluted bellow, a liner, and an outer mesh. Unlike other aftermarket options, the TRP exhaust bellows features a torsional design for required applications. Our ...

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TRP All-Makes All-March Event

It’s back and better than ever!For the second year in a row, the TRP All-Makes All-March Event is celebrating professionals who keep our nation moving.During the entire month of March, visit to register for the chance to win a $2,000 TRP certificate. This certificate can be used to buy TRP parts that offer the quality, reliability and value you need to keep your trucks, tr...

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TRP Introduces Fan Clutch Repair Kits

Repair kits for some of today’s most widely used fan clutches are the latest additions to the TRP line of all-makes truck parts.The new TRP Fan Clutch Repair Kits include everything needed to rebuild Horton Drivemaster and DM Advantage on/off fan drives, the first-fit drives found in today’s North American heavy-duty trucks. For older S and HT/S clutches, rebuild and repair options fro...

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TRP Introduces All-Makes Super Heavy Duty AC Compressors

TRP is expanding its line of all-makes truck, trailer and bus parts with TRP Super Heavy Duty A/C Compressors.Created for the most demanding applications, TRP Super Heavy Duty A/C Compressors feature more than twice the clutch life of industry heavy-duty compressors, and are rated at 2,000,000 cycles. Advanced oil circulation for the shaft bearing and seal ensures smooth, consistent operation.Buil...

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TRP Announces New Warranty And Product Offerings For Performance-tested Air Springs

TRP has announced an enhanced warranty on its complete line of all-makes air springs. The TRP Air Spring Performance Guarantee is a promise to buy back any TRP air springs that do not fully satisfy customer expectations up to two years after purchase, through any TRP retail location inNorth America and Latin America.TRP air springs are manufactured with a proprietary rubber compound and reinforcin...

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TRP® Introduces New Lubricant Program

New TRP Lubricants Include Heavy Duty Engine Oil, Synthetic Transmission Oil and Synthetic Gear Oil For All Makes Of Trucks and Buses.TRP has strategically expanded its product offerings to include a full line of lubricants for all makes of trucks and buses. TRP’s industry-leading, premium-grade products enable owner/operators, fleet managers and equipment maintenance managers to further ext...

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TRP A/C Compressors Withstands the Most Demanding Applications

TRP Super Heavy Duty A/C Compressors TRP Super Heavy Duty A/C Compressors feature more than twice the clutch life of industry heavy-duty compressors and are rated at 2,000,000 cycles. Offered at a great value and quality at a competitive price, the A/C compressors are equipped with rubber-dampened armature that increases clutch life by more than 30%. Advanced oil circulation for the shaft bearing ...

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Remanufactured brakes for heavy-duty trucks and trailers can be a sensitive subject. Trust the TRP Reman Brake Program’s remanufacturing process to provide a high-quality brake lining at a competitive cost. TRP reman brake products exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) 121 braking requirements, because safety and quality are just as important to our team as they are to you.Po...

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PACCAR Genuine Tips to Keep Your Battery in Top Condition

PACCAR Genuine knows that a dependable battery is key to your success. Follow this checklist to help extend your battery’s life.Proper battery maintenance during the hot summer months is just as important as it is during the frigid winter months.You should use the same testing, checks, and maintenance when prepping for summer driving as you do when readying for the cold. Hot weather is ...

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TRP® Presents Tips to Maintain Your Battery Year-Round

TRP® recognizes that your battery powers your business. Follow this checklist to extend the life of your battery.Proper battery maintenance during the hot summer months is just as important as it is during the frigid winter months.You should use the same testing, checks, and maintenance when prepping for summer driving as you do when readying for the cold. Hot weather is as...

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Know Your Torque Rods: Inspection and Replacement

TRP® All-Makes Torque Rods are manufactured in the USA and are designed to prevent bushing walk-out and for an extended life. TRP® Torque Rod Assemblies have rubber bushings to maximize vibration absorption and extend the life of your suspension.Features and BenefitsBroad range of sizes to cover popular applicationsTested to exceed industry standards for qualitySignificant cost advant...

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TRP® U-Bolt Kits

For Commercial Truck, Bus, and Trailer MarketsWhy Choose TRP® U-BoltsAt first glance, U-bolts might look similar. If the diameter, threads, and shape match, you might think that they are the same. That’s simply not true. Knowing a little about the technology and process used to manufacture U-bolts can help you understand the differences between TRP® top-quality U-bolts and other valu...

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TRP® Chemicals

The TRP® Chemicals program is an example of the company’s desire to bring high-quality products to every customer. There are numerous products available to fit a variety of needs from cleaners and disinfectants, to lubricants and hand sanitizers. Read below for descriptions of the many products available.Foaming Engine DegreaserThis heavy-duty industrial foaming degreaser clings upon con...

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