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Make an impression with TRP® Chrome-Plated and Stainless-Steel aftermarket truck parts.

Make the best first impression with shippers and customers or with equipment buyers at resale by using quality TRP chrome-plated and stainless-steel parts. Also consider the potential value to be gained on the used market—if you want to have an edge over the competition, your trucks not only have to look clean and run like clockwork under the hood, they really have to stand out in a crowd.TR...

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TRP® Air Springs Keep You Comfortable on Any Terrain

Although there have been recent pushes for infrastructure reform, cities are saddled with aging roads and bridges that can reduce a truck’s ride quality. When driving through adverse road conditions, truck operators should be sure their vehicle is up for the challenge.In order to maintain superior ride quality, using the right truck suspension equipment is critical. Trucks and trailers with ...

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The Perfect Fit for Your Exhaust System

When you think of reducing the noise of everyday hauling, your efforts may end with replacing your muffler. However, every component of your truck’s exhaust system is critical. A precise fit, tight seal, reliable performance and long life ultimately reduce noise as well as help curb pollutants and improve the quality of your ride.Trust in the comprehensive TRP Exhaust Program, which includes...

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Reduce Maintenance Costs with Bendix SmarTire™

by Francine Jackson & Megan AndrewsHow much are you spending on your tires? Are they lasting as long as you want them to? When you check your tire pressure and find one a bit low, do you wonder how many miles it ran like that?Tires are your single largest maintenance expense, and under-inflation can make it even more costly. Statistics show that almost half of all roadside assistance calls are...

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5 AC Tips to Stay Cool this Summer

To some, air conditioning is just a luxury. To the driver safety system within a heavy-duty truck, however, the air conditioning system is vital. When the summer sun beats down on the metal and glass of an uncooled cab, the temperature inside can quickly exceed the temperature outside. This intense heat can put a driver at risk for heat stroke or slow their reflexes in critical situations. During ...

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Road Readiness

Extreme weather conditions are rough on fleets and the components that keep your trucks on the road. Keep your fleet road-ready with thorough inspections and quality replacement parts.Brakes:The braking system is the most important system in your fleet. All the fuel economy and horsepower in the world is irrelevant if the cargo cannot make it to its destination safely. Thanks to the anti-lock brak...

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This winter, keep your engine running like new during the cold months by visiting your local Peterbilt dealer to have your medium- or heavy-duty truck serviced. Keeping up with routine maintenance at the dealership increases your bottom line by lowering overall maintenance costs and gives you confidence in knowing that your truck has been serviced by the most highly trained professionals in the bu...

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We Are Here For You Now and in the Future.

Drivers are the backbone of our country and keep us moving forward. As customers rely on you to deliver, Peterbilt Parts and Service dealers can make sure your truck is in ready condition when it hits the road.Peterbilt Parts and Service dealers across the country are stocked and available to help with all your service and maintenance needs, when you need them. Here is checklist of what to inspect...

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International Roadcheck

BRAKES • Inspect for missing, broken, loose, contaminated, or cracked parts on the brake system and check all required brake system warning devices. COUPLING DEVICES • Check for unsecured mounting of the lower fifth wheel to the frame, and inspect the upper fifth wheel for any damage to the weight bearing plate and its supports. FUEL & EXHAUST SYSTEMS • ...

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Maintaining the Integrity of Your Exhaust Aftertreatment System is Crucial

Exhaust Aftertreatment Changes EverythingIt was not too long ago when the only significant factor to consider in an exhaust system on a commercial vehicle was whether it could leak carbon monoxide and other unhealthy gases into the cab. That’s still important, of course, but with the introduction of the exhaust aftertreatment system in the last decade, the exhaust system becomes a significan...

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