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Get the Most Out of Your Fan Clutch With Horton’s DM Advantage®

Every part in your truck should work to increase your bottom line and make your job easier. Your fan clutch is no exception. Using a fan clutch with fewer engagements will not only help you avoid premature wear, it will increase your fuel economy and improve your engine performance.A fan clutch is just like any other mechanical part: the more it's used, the shorter its life span. In order to help ...

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Meet the Demands of Your Business With Bezares PTO

Choosing a power take-off (PTO) should be easy, and knowing how they work will help you find the best option for your application.PTOs may seem complicated, but they’re fairly simple once you understand their design and function. A PTO is a gearbox that’s driven by gear engagement or a shaft hook-up. It mounts to the truck transmission and draws energy from the engine in order to power...

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